How can I tell if my Airport card is faulty?

Mar 13, 2008
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Hi everyone.

About two weeks ago, my MBP had a 'mare*, whereby it stopped being able to connect to my wireless router. It happened intermittently, throwing up numerous problems for about 2 days, when my gf's Vaio had no trouble whatsoever. It had things like:

1. Self assigned DNS address
2. Couldn't find ANY wireless networks, whether mine or the two I know I can see from the neighbours' routers
3. Could see all three networks, although mine was showing up with no padlock (even though it's WEP encrypted), but when it said it was connected to mine, it actually wasn't, and I couldn't access the internet
4. Only showing my network, sans padlock, and 'connecting to it' but with no internet access.

I phoned Applecare, during which time my MBP, somewhat predictably, started behaving fine. I talked through all the problems with the remarkably friendly Indian fellow at the end of the line, and he went off to chat to his tech people who couldn't fathom it out. They asked me to check it with another wireless connection, which I did by taking it over my folks' place and it logged on there fine, but again, there was no way to tell if the MBP was just having a happy moment. They said the only thing they could think of was that it had a dodgy Airport card and I might need to get it replaced under warranty.

Anyway, it seemed to work fine for two weeks until tonight. I just happily browsing the web and it started happening again... So, a new Airport card it is...

...But, I've just taken delivery of Logic Pro (I love it!) and I'd really not have to send my computer away for repairs if I'm not entirely sure it's a hardware fault.

I've tried the network diagnostics, and I've had the following colour combos on different occasions (when you look at the diagnostic screen it freezes and these colours appear on the 'lights' on the left): (Green, Yellow, Red)

GRRRRR (ironically, that was my thought), GGYYYY, GGGGRR, GGYRRR.
These lights are Airport, Airport settings, Network Settings, ISP, Internet & Server respectively.

I've tried loads of stuff I've found on the internet, including (but not limited to):

1. Rebooting into safe mode, then restarting
2. Renewing DCHP license
3. Completely rebuilding my wireless router
4. Assigning new WEP security.

If anyone at all could help me with some more things I could try, I would be hugely, massively, immensely grateful!!! But bear in mind I have the mind of an eight year old, so please treat me like a child! :D

Oh, and by the way, the nearest Apple store is about 100 miles away, so that's not an option for now...

* During the F1 GP, which as any fan of live timing will tell you, was highly annoying. ;)

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