How can I run Office 2008 on 2 MacBookPros simultaneously?

Nov 2, 2011
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I've seen ths problem raised many times but yet to find permenant fix. My setup:

I bought my son a new MacBook Pro. I then bought a legit version of Office for Mac 2008 (Home and Student Edition), downloaded and regstered it etc onto the pro ok. It came with 3 X 25 digit Product Keys, i.e. in theory you can install on 3home machines. 1st Pro worked fine, until....

Bought same MacBookPro for my daughter and tried copy 2008 folder from my son's to daughter's machine. Deleted plist and few other thing etc. and was prompted for a Product Key so used 2nd one of 3 given. So far so good. Both work fine, until....

But when both kids using home wifi, one or other gets message saying this software is beng used/licensed by/to my son!! Then that unit can't ever use again, unless I delete and renstall!

How can disable such nonesense? I have bought a legit version that allows 3 installations. Why can't they use at same time in my house? How can I stop machines talking/seeing each other?! Can I stop at wifi router somehow?

Determined to find solution to this.....any help appreciated


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Jan 23, 2008
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Actually the Home and Student version of Office 2008 can be installed on up to 6 machines. Each product key can be used on one desktop and one notebook.

The problem is that when it "sees" more than one copy running on a network it thinks someone is cheating. (Which is not true.) To stop that from happening, turn off all sharing on your Son's machine and the daughter's machine. Make sure the firewall is on for each machine and using stealth mode. It should be OK after that. The firewall probably isn't necessary but it won't hurt to turn it on anyway.

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