How can I do this with iMovie, or Garageband?

Dec 31, 2006
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One thing that I miss about my Windows system is that I was able to 'outsmart' it and manipulate it to do things. Case in point...

Say I have a live video of a band I like, that I downloaded. I'd like to extract just the audio and make it into a file I can transfer to my iPod.

In windows, i'd use a simple sound recording program. Just hit 'play' on WMP or something, and the sound recording program would record anything playing coming through the internal sound card. Instant audio file of what I want.

Is there any way to accomplish this with iMovie and/or Garageband? This time, what i'd like to do is put a voiceover in a movie i'm making (while a picture is being shown in the time line. Problem is, my G4 mini doesn't have an audio in, so the only way I have of getting audio onto my computer is to use my digital camera. Garageband won't let me record directly from the sound card, I have to have an 'input source'

Any ideas?


EDIT: I figured out how to 'extract audio' from a video file using iMovie. But if anyone knows how to do this with garageband, i'd like to it's much more flexible with refining the audio quality.
Mar 9, 2004
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This is easy to do if you have quicktime Pro:

Just open the Movie in quicktime, select 'Window> Show movie properties'.
You'll see all the seperate video and audio tracks.

Select the audio and click 'extract' to save just the audio.

You could also extract the audio in iMovie, select quicktime as your export option and then choose audio to aiff (or something similar) to create an audio file.

Then drag that to Garageband to edit it there.

To record the audio currently playing in OS X (like you did under windows), you could use Audio Hijack from rogue amoeba. But it's the least elegant way of accomplishing an audio extraction IMO.

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