How can I delete files from my iphone?

Oct 24, 2006
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New York City
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imac 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GM ram, 128mb vram, Macbook, iPhone 3G 8g
There are 8 TV shows that I want off my ipod, so I can put some lost episodes on.

To tell the truth, I am really new to ipods/iphones and I don't really know how to sync or anything. I think I put all my songs and all episode of extreme engineering on the iphone, but I don't know how to delete the episodes.

Now I am trying to put all unwatched episodes of Lost, and it says I need 11g of space, but the only unwatched episode of lost are the ones that are currently downloading.

Apr 28, 2006
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iMac Core Duo 20", iBook G4, iPhone 8GB :)
What you could do, is tell iTunes to sync "5 least recent unwatched" episodes of Selected TV shows:
In that you select whatever TV shows you want to transfer. Lost would be one.

Then, once the sync is done, you see which episodes of lost are transferred. Most probably you haven't completed watching the entire episode, which leaves the status as unwatched. Just rapidly complete those episodes right in iTunes itself and it will sync up to the new stuff.

(That number 5 could be changed to whatever amount your iPhone permits)

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