High End Powered Speakers 4 Ipods & the ipod studio



Hi Folks,
as a help to people who are searching for headphones, speakers and
earphones info., I have constructed 3 images galleries which may be
used for reference purposes. They contain around 100 detailed images
of all portable powered speakers, headphones and earphones that have
been recommended by members here and at the ipodlounge.

To access them, goto the ipod studio

and then click on the "photos" link and you'll find all the image
galleries there.

There are now over 120 detailed images but if you find that there are some examples missing, please upload them
to the correct gallery. There's also an active discussion on the subject if you'd like to join in.

Hope these prove useful and enjoyable.

Kind Regards,



the galleries now include headphones, portable speakers, amps and cables. We now have over 500 images in total of some of the most advanced equipment that you can pair with your Ipods. Sooo, if you want to really see what those little PADs can do, stop by the ipod studio some time.

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