Help with identifying iPod Touch models

Jan 29, 2010
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Hey guys!

I want to purchase a 3rd generation iPod Touch at a little shop located on the Veterans Affairs campus I work at. Well they have an iPod there, but I cannot tell if it is 1 3rd generation or a 2nd or 1st. Is there anything on the box that gives this away? I've looked at the box and it does not say "3rd Generation" or "3G" on it anywhere. The older models are also in 32 gig now, so that won't help me.

The sticker on the iPod itself as a picture of the appstore application on it, does that help? I think the 2nd gen one has that too...:\

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: I just found this article which said:

The back of the late 2008 iPod touch has four lines of engraved text, which sit between an “8GB,” “16GB,” or “32GB” badge and a collection of electronic certification logos. The engraved text starts with a serial number and ends with the words “All rights reserved.” By comparison, the back of the late 2009 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models has a noticeably smaller “32GB” or “64GB” badge, and only two lines of engraved text before those logos. The text starts with the phrase “Designed by Apple in California” and ends with the serial number. Otherwise, the units are indistinguishable from one another when their screens are turned off.

Is this always the case? Can someone verify this?

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