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HELP! windows user who is stumped...



HELP! i'm a windows user who is at wit's end. I need a web-based IRC chat client, be it php, java, whatever, that a MAc running OS9 can use. The two big ones that meet my needs (can connect to any server, not simply a webpage type chatroom) are jpilot's jIRC and JAVirc. Both are more like jekyll and hide than clients. jIRC will sometimes connect using netscape 4.x or higher, but most times will not. JAVirc will only connect with very old versions, something like 2.6 (current version is 5.2 i believe). is there anyone who can help me find a client that work on Macs and connects to any IRC server? Thanks in advance!
Oct 27, 2002
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17" iMac G4 800MHz 1GB RAM
Jirc seems to work pretty good if you are using IE. I've never NOT connected to an IRC server with it. I think there is an eirc out there as well. But it needs to basically compiled for each server you want to run/connect it to. I found this at sourceforge : EIRC


would you be able to tell me what version of jIRC and what OS and version of IE you used? i have heard that no version of IE will work below OS X on jIRC, and that netscape must be a 4.xx version.

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