Help: Unable to receive Voice Call during Data (EDGE) call ..

Apr 13, 2010
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Hi .. I've an iPhone 3G 8GB running 3.1.2 baseband 5.11.07 .. and I'm on a 2g operator which uses EDGE/GPRS for data calls .. (not 3G) ..

I am unable to receive voice calls during a data call ..

I've researched this over the net and found out that its an operator issue .. if operator uses NOM (Network Operating Mode) 002 then it gives data calls priority over voice calls and hence if I receive a voice call during a data call .. it goes to voice mail or if voice mail is not configured .. the other user just gets a busy tone ..

The confusing bit is that my Nokia E71 never seem to do that on the same operator .. that is .. if I received a voice call during a data call .. it would always put the data call on hold .. and ideally iPhone should be able to do this as well .. i.e. put the data call on hold when receiving a voice call ..

One more thing .. for some HTC users running Android .. this issue was fixed by turning DDTM (Dedicated Data Transfer Mode) off .. but again .. I'm unable to find how to turn it off on iPhone ..

Please let me know if someone has found a fix for this .. without the fix .. I am unable to use my iPhone the way its supposed to .. for now .. I've turned push notifications off, disabled email, contacts and calendar syncing etc ..

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