HELP! Printer on my wireless network...

Jan 30, 2010
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Okay here's the problem. Yesterday I bought my first mac (a macbook) and I'm having a **** of a time getting it to print wirelessly to my printer. Here's my setup:

The printer is an HP Deskjet F4180. It's not a wireless printer. We have a PC desktop thats wired to the printer. We have a PC laptop that is able to print wirelessly because we used the fact that the printer is plugged into the desktop (PC), which is in turn plugged into the router, to be able to share the printer wirelessly. Never had problems printing wirelessly from our 2 laptop PC's. I sold our second laptop PC for this Mac, and CANNOT print wirelessly from the mac to our printer. I've tried everything I can think of. When plugging the printer into the macbook, it prints, but wirelessly, nothing. It shows the printer as "Idle". I can send documents to it, it sees the printer on the shared network, etc, but when I go to print, it acts like its sending the document and taking care of it, but within 10 seconds the document disappears from the list, likes it's done printing. But, it never printed. I'm at my wits and don't know what to do.

By the way, the desktop PC is running on Windows XP. The laptop PC is running Windows 7 (as was the one that I just sold that also printed fine) and the macbook is running the new Snow Leopard. Please help :(

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