Help! No sound!

Apr 29, 2007
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hello all, how's everyone doing?

i'm still new to the whole mac scene (just got a macbook 2.0 last august)

recently i had this problem, maybe...2 weeks ago?

anywho, sunday morning my sound was magically restored (do not ask me how)

and when i arrived back too school this afternoon, it was gone again.

i heard the wiggle the input or a bobbie pin (niether have worked) and it seems that it has worked for some of you.

i also tried the usb ejection method, and that also did not work.

my sound has obviously worked all year and even today briefly, but even when it came back, i wanted to find out what caused this loss so i could prevent it in the future.

so, would you rec. to continue fiddling/wiggly in an attempt to reconnect anything, or is there someone i should contact?

p.s. i know this isn't really relative, but recently my entourage would freeze upon opening of it, and i was just also curious as to if whether any of you knew what caused this and how to solve it.

thank you all for any help you can provide.

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