HELP! New G4 emac- problems uploading and sending attachments



Sometimes it will... 3/4 of the time, it will not & disconects on me, then I have to restart my computor as it seems to get stuck on "disconecting..." I ran into another forum where another person is having the exact same problems but there were no answers/ideas yet...

I am fairly new to macs & certainly not a computer genius! LOL! So you might have to do some gradeschool level explaining, if someone can help me. I started school for graphic design a year & a half ago, got a new G3 ibook, need I say more? 2 logic boards & 1 hard drive later, I decided I needed something at home dependable that I could upload web pages from, $$$ were limited so in late Dec 2003, I bought a G4 emac & maxed it with memory etc.... as we are also starting video editing...... I love it except for this..... my server says it's my modem, Apple had me run tests & all was fine, they say it's my server... I did not have this problem with my PC and did not have to be real picky about what I sent........ I was entering the wacom photo contest and sending photo attachments in emails that were 2 by 3 inch jpegs......... when it will send, I can send them & even bigger photoshop documents..... when it's working I can send just about anything, when it's not, nothing will send for hours..... no-one seems to have any answers...

1 other thing.... I use the cordless mouse with my intuos 2 wacom tablet and cannot plug it into the USB ports on my keyboard, it says there is not enough power so I have to plug it in to my computer's USB port, of which there are ony 3, so I had to get a hub.... at one point, I thought this migt be the problem but I no longer think so........ I didn't ask until after I got rid of my PC for my MAC but other students are having the same problems, especially ones with the same server, my telephone company..... should I try changing servers? My teacher is thinking I might have to go DLS which is something I really cannot afford right now...... my cat had also pulled down the phone wire in the basement which I put back up, phone company says it could be my wiring or modem, but my PC works & this works off & on..... you would think if it was wiring, it wouldn't work at all.......... ??????? Thanks, Jo

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