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Okay my first powerbook had all kinds of kernal panics so it was replaced a week after I bought it, it was bought on 09/15 and then end of september I got it replaced end of the month. Unfortunately from the start it wouldn't sleep when the lid was closed. The apple care sent me box and I sent it away last week and got it today. It went to sleep when lid was closed first time I tired but it wont any more. I sat on hold with Apple Care for 30 minutes then I waited to speak to product specialist. The guy was okay and told me I had 2 options, keep it for now or send back to apple and they would totally replace sleep switch. I need this for school and cant really keep sending it in. This is ridiculous because this is my second Power Book in less then a month which in my opnion is pretty sad. The Apple Store were I got it said bring it in and have Mac Genius look at it. They will just say to send it in. At this point I just want it freaking replaced. At first I bought a Ibook at the beginning of september I bought an Ibook but ended up trading it in to upgrade to powerbook. So at this point my mom is totally sick driving me to Apple Store and I am pretty much sick of Apple right now . I plan to go to Night of Panther with my dad and will bring it there then to have looked out at Genius Bar. Any Advice? I am starting to get really fusturated, I need to use this every day at school.
Jul 22, 2003
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ive never had a problem with the sleep button on my powerbook which is a couple months older than yours

first i would check to make sure the settings are set to go to sleep when the lid is closed
if not then bring it to the apple store


Thanks for the reply. Miracously is went to sleep today when lid was closed. I shut it down and just turned back on now, It wont sleep now! What setting tells to sleep if lid is closed. I never had to change any thing before. Its werid that somtimes it will sleep and wont other times.

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