Help...moving songs and videos onto PC

Dec 14, 2011
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I have an ipod touch 4G. I am setting it up as a new device because I had software issues with battery. I followed instructions to backup my device. I have tv shows and music (from another source; not downloaded from iTunes). I saw my tv shows and music when clicking on my device on iTunes. After I reset to factory settings, I then proceeded to put my backup onto my ipod touch. My apps loaded back on. However, all my shows, and music are gone. I click on the videos and music that's in my home bottom screen and both are empty. Can't find it on itunes as well. Is there something wrong that I did? What is the proper way to put videos and music onto computer? Does itunes not back up non-itunes shows and music? Any help would be great. This is my first apple product and usually using Copy Trans Manager to put stuff on my ipod because itunes, personally, is not a favorite software. If anyone knows of links also for tutorials, that'd be great as well! Thanks!

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