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help me please!

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:ph34r: help! ive just been given an old performa 630 with system 7.5.5 which i am using as a stepping stone to convert from pc to mac. ive found loads of compatible software using the broadband on my pc but when i copy them to cd and put them into the mac nothing works. i either get a message saying that the program that created the files is missing or there is nothing to associate the files with.
i have tried to install several different versions of stuffit and alladin etc but they wont work either. even the browser software is missing on the system.
is there any way i can copy these files from my pc to my mac using cd as i have no access to the internet on the mac.
the files i would like to have access to are mp3,avi and jpeg so i need to install the appropriate software to use them...

if anyone can help it would be most appreciated
az mansell
p.s. i have been given no disks all i have is what is on the hdd
Oct 27, 2002
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17" iMac G4 800MHz 1GB RAM
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