Help me please - general OS / archive and install / External HD / app problems!

Aug 26, 2008
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I have an iMac Power PC G5 1.83ghz 17", 2gb RAM, 80gb hard drive (about 15gb left) and I'm running 10.3.9.

I've recently max'd the RAM, bought an external 250GB HD and a copy of Leopard 10.5. I did a bit of reading and I wanted to perform an 'Archive And Install' upgrade. The plan was to back up the current system to the HD incase of any problems. Apparently the HD needs reformating to FAT32. I've read that I need Disk Utility. In my utilities folder I can't find Disk Utility, plus terminal doesn't work :s (this is a 2nd hand mac btw, so they could've been deleted).

So basically I need to know:

- Is there anyway of reformating the hard drive without Disk Utility?
- Is there anyway of 'getting back' these utilities without an 'Erase and Install'? (obv as you can imagine, I want to avoid this without back up as I'll lose my applications).

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