HELP! Macbook Pro Display won't work!

Feb 25, 2010
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I have a 15-inch Macbook Pro from Late 2007; it worked fine yesterday, but as of this morning the display will not work! It makes the Chime when you power it up, but no screen display; I know it's on because you can adjust the volume buttons and hear the volume beeps. The screen brightener and dimmer does nothing, as well as the keys brightener and dimmer. The apple help text said to first try restarting it, did it no change-> then unplug it and disconnect battery for 1 minute, did it no change-> reset the PRAM which I did no change, and then if that didn't work to reset the SMC which I did and got no change in my problem.
And now the part that boggles my mind is I have the cables to hook up the MBP to my TV so i figured I'd atleast be able see it on the TV if the display has crapped out on the MBP but its doesn't transmit the image to there either. So anyone got any ideas? Is it possible I caught a virus that kills displaying ability? Please help!


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Jan 23, 2008
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It sounds like your GPU (graphics processor) has died. The GPU is surface mounted to the main board (logic board) and that requires the entire board to be replaced. Very expensive repair.

However, I believe your year model MBP has a special extended warranty for the graphics processor. Apple can tell you for sure. Contact Apple customer support and give them the year, model, SN of your machine. They can tell you if it's covered by the extended warranty.

Hopefully you'll be covered and Apple will repair it at no cost to you.


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