help help help help!!!!



The screen on my 14'1" iBook cracked, looong story, do any of you guys know of any places besides ebay that i cuold get a replacement screen for it? and is installing a new screen very hard?

ps:i hooked my ibook up to an external monitor so im typing on it still right now, sorry for the sloppy punctuation, im about to go to bed


um... well i suggest trying to get apple to replace it...

i have a feeling that you are looking at paying a LOAD of money for the screen... and yea, its going to be hard to do if youve never taken apart a computer before or anything.... if you know what you're doing, and can follow instructions from the replacement screen, it wont be too hard i would presume

try that out... dunno if those are good prices or not though


well, the apple store is a start...possible try comp usa?.....or look online at apple.....otherwise....he, ebay works....your paying for it doesn't sound like a hardware or malfunction problem from the way you talk aobut, that doesn't leave you with nearly as many options....I would think it's a bit of a pain to replace them yourself, but doable..I'm sure there are places online that can help you find that out....good luck with that, it's no fun at all.


been there done that. ya see all this stuff hapends to me, but I dont pay anything great school system, anyway, you can send it to apple they dont replace the screan they just replace the glass and replace the gel packets. trust me I have seen it all when it comes to broken ibooks. iT WILL COST LIKE, FOR YOU 300 IF YOUR LUCKY.

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