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Help a student out



This student in question needs an Ibook or similar mac for dv editing. This student is poor, but by working for others he has assembled the following fairly good pc for trade:
AMD Athlon 2500 (Barton)
MSI Micro ATX Motherboard
120gb HD
512 mb pc 3200 ram
Geforce FX 5900
Sony Trinitron (crt)
Black Keyboard
Silver mATX case

Can anyone help?


Well, with that specs he would emulate the OSX (specially the video card and the processor) n___n... well, not the same as having a mac uh?, anyway, luck with the trading :)



This pc will do doom 3 (I downloaded the e3 demo). Don't know about half life 2. If it wasn't for school, I woulden't even offer it. Just had someone give me an extra hd earlier. (^_^)

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