.hd setup ?s.



.my new g5 will be here in the next week and i was curious about a few things....the comp is coming with a stock 160GB and i am purchasing a 72 raptor for the second bay.but at work cdw sent us the wrong drive they sent a sata appose to the ata sp i was thinking of purchasing it from them.its an 80gb maxtor.here are my questions
i know i would have to buy a sata pci controller but i was wondering which one?
which drive should it be
would the drives run faster if i put the 160/80on it and the 72 as my start up?
if you have any ideas about anything related let me know


Things will only load faster, just cause its fast wont help the actual performance of the computer because ram handles that. I would make the Raptor my main and the 160 for docs and backup purposes.

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