Have I lost my iWeb/Site?

Nov 1, 2011
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I had created a website through dropbox. Everything was saved in my dropbox and is still there. "Site > (site name) > (Name) > Various files "about me, portfolio, scripts, index, etc."

I reformatted to Lion, but had saved the SITES2 File "._Domain.sites2" along with the dropbox files.

I have upgraded from iWeb 08 to 09.

Replacing the files in the new iWeb folder on my newly reformatted computer, I can't pull up the old website to continue my work.

How do I direct iWeb to the old stuff? to pull up my old work and to continue? No matter what I do I just keep getting a new iWeb page to start all over. There was a lot of work in there =(

Thank you for any help. It is greatly appreciated if I can save my work!

Extra question: top right Spotlight feature works great. Problem is it doesn't tell me the directory. For example I typed "iWeb" in there to find the folder. And it popped up immediately, so now i can open the iWeb folder. Problem is, it doesn't' show the directory of how to get there manually. Is there a way to view this?

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