hard disc mp3 player not mounting (not ipod)


adam taylor

hi all, i have an XCLEF HD-500 which is a 20G harddrive player. i bought it when i was only a pc user - it appears as a new HD in My Computer.

When i got the ibook, plugging it in (USB port) would result in it mounting on teh desktop as a HD from there i could access everything as normal. great i thought :)

however, after a month or two it has stopped mounting with the following error message:

"you have inserted a disc containing no volumes that mac OSX can read, to see the unreadable volumes click initialise, to continue with teh disc inserted click continue"

i can see it in disc utility and it can be verified but its a no-go on mounting.

as far as im aware i have not updated anything relevant on the ibook, and it still works as normal with the pc.

am using 10.1.5 (for now)

any ideas? am hoping this is a simple fix as it is more or less an external HD.

thanks, and i hope this is in teh right place, didnt seem right to put it in the ipod section!



I'm not sure if this will fix your problem or not but did you try issuing the command "sudo mount -a" at a terminal prompt? I had problems with my iRiver HP20 hard disk player not auto mounting after I disconnected it without ejecting it.

Here are the steps...at least under 10.3:

Once the command prompt starts type: sudo mount -a
When prompted, enter your password
Wait 10 seconds...if this worked, the drive will appear on your desk top.

To be honest, the error message suggests that the root partition on the player's disk is munged and MacOS wants to reformat it...something you might not be willing to do if there's important data still on it. Nonetheless, give the UNIX moutn command a try and see what happens.

Good Luck,


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