Graphite ibook humming noise


marcel proust

Am currently using a Graphite ibook which makes a low level - but rather irritating - humming noise when I'm using it. I assume it's to do with the hard drive/disk as whenever the drive spins down it stops. Any ideas as to how to resolve this - aside from using earplugs...


The noise you describe could be caused by two issues.

1. Your HD might be just old. When the ball bearing wears out it'll start making noise. There is no cure for that, either you want to get a new drive or live with it.

2. The drive may not be bolted to the chassis, and the loose fitting may cause mechanical humming noise. In fact any loose connection in the chassis may cause the mechanical hum. When you open up your computer, see if the noise disappears when you touch some of the chassis parts. When that happens the chassis is loose. You need to bolt it down.

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