Graphics Card

Oct 31, 2011
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I am interested in using either an IMac Intel 2010, or a Mac Mini Server (year is up in the air) to create a blu-ray routing/server system. I will have five external BD drives plugged through a powered USB hub to the CPU. The BD will never play simultaneously, always consecutively. The CPU will have two playlists created----one routing to two different video outputs and one routing to one video output. The CPU will have two monitors and a film projector (so three video outputs) Projector will be using VGA/HDMI. Monitor connections do not matter so much. One monitor will show what is playing on the projectors playlist, and the other a playlist of film trailers.

My question is---if the BD are being routed through the CPU---does the graphics card of the CPU matter for the images on the projector screen?

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