Good Info on Airport Extreme



I was having trouble with my airport extreme and its connection to my powerbook G4.

The problem was having good signal for about 10 minutes and then it would drop it and reconnect for a few seconds and repeat this for about 2 or 3 minutes then have full signal and then repeat over and over again.

If you have similar problems try doing this because it seemed to work for me and I had a dramitic change in signal strenth:

Open Applications / Utilities / Airport Admin Utility

Once that is open clcik on the configure Icon and enter in your airport password. This should bring you to a page that gives you the lowdown on all the specs of your Airport and four buttons on the bottm left side of the screen.

Click the Show all Settings button. This is where you can change the channel of the Airport. Finding the correct channel helps deal with interference and it also somehow helps with signal strenth. I had to choose between a few different channels until I found that channel 11 workded the best.

I hope that this can help some of you because I know that cordless phones and microwaves ect. can interfere with the airport and this should help.

Good luck

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