Going For The Gold -g5 Ideas?



OK- so heres the unsual question: Does anyone out there know how I can get an official letter from Apple saying "Yes the G5 is the only way you can complete your work successfully." ???

So I am working on this project that involves artists internationally, lots of 3-d rendering, live video rendering, and internet movies with virtual environments.

That said, I am limited now by my wonderful but small ibook which has started things effectively, but is moving very slow to handle all the apps I have to run-final cut pro-sketchup-dreamweaver photoshop etc.... We mac users know I need it, my collegues know I need it, but will the PC people believe me without the joy of mac.... I need something that I can expand over time endlessly as the work progresses.

This is where it gets wierd....
Does anybody out there work for Apple? So I want (need) a letter from a mac consultant for a grant that I am applying for this spring. I went to the mac store in Rotterdam but they gave me a simple estimate and said they couldn't add text.

So- I am fishing for ideas.... I'll order my G5 etc.. from whoever can help me out... or random acts of brilliance and ideas in kindness are also appreciated.

Best_ M3
Sep 5, 2003
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I don't beleive they can write you a letter saying that getting a mac is the ONLY way to complete your work successfully. I do beleive you can just get estimates on both PC and Apple and still apply for the grant and they should still give you enough to purchase either.




Yes- I suppose I am asking for too much intervention. But maybe since my partner and I both are using Macs it will seem a mute question to take on a whole other way of working....

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