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getting powerbook fixed at applestore in another country

Nov 10, 2004
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Toronto, Canada
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stock 17" 2.8ghz unibody mbp.
i got a powerbook that i need to get repaired.. the chassis came warped, and i've passed the 14 day window to get it exchanged.. there's also another problem with it - there was a scratch on it (this is my 2nd replacement btw.. my original shipment was scratched they sent a new one (my current one).. scratched again - but i decided against sending it back and wait for my 3rd replacement)

i called apple about hte warping and i got a service no for it. and they told me to bring it into any authorized service center to get repaired ( i live in canada) no apple store here ( boo hoo ).. however in early may i will be going to japan.. and there's an apple store there..

a) will i be able to get it repaired at the apple store, japan

b) will they (apple) void my service no. because i haven't got my powerbook fixed (i called them about 1 week ago) and i'm taking my sweet *** time to go to get it serviced.. so they dissallow / deauthorized that serv. no..

c) do you think i'll get better service in japan - and these guys are known to be quite good at repairing electronics (or at least i think they do)

another thing i do worry is that i can't communicate with these folks while i'm in jp. lol i dont speak jap. and i dont know how well they speak eng. over there..

gimme your 2 cents :p thx


you can bring your powerbook into any certified apple repair center worldwide, have them scan your serial number to see if it's still under warranty and get it fixed for free.

i'm not sure if all the apple stores does repairs on-site though.
but if you're in tokyo there's probably someone who does.