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I own a Powerbook G4 that my parents bought for me to use at school. I have been trying to get my dad to get a new desktop. We have always used windows and the PB was my first apple. He loves how it works so well with no problems like windows. I dont have a ton of problems with my gateway laptop but it bugs me somtime. He wants to get a new G5 desktop. Probably the 1.8 duel. Do you think they will be updating it soon. I dont want to wait past may. Some of you wait until next autumn but thats a little far off for us. What do you guys think? I worried about how much software there is for Mac OS X. I am scared to move totally to MAC. I play FS 2004 all time and The Sims which is on mac but its exspensive.
Should I buy it?
Jul 22, 2003
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Hamilton College
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I don't think there will be an update until May June in that area for the G5s since they just did an update a few months ago

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