Garageband frustrations

Nov 24, 2014
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I dj and create mixes/sets and or podcasts with the DJ program. I do some post production work from live sets in garageband to clean them up prior to posting. Lately, it seems Garageband can no longer mix down tracks into one master and/or if a mix/set is too long i get an error msg asking me to change to caf or change bounce regions neither of which there are options to do in the prgm. I've tried to save and go to root files but the tracks are saved individually and not as a continuous mix (if any editing we done) also, it seems the "join region" feature doesn't actually join anything any longer. I currently have a 4 hour set with some special drops et al sitting in garadgeband that I cannot get out the way i want it into iTunes for proper export. I am super frustrated and need some help! PLEASE?? humble thanks...

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