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Well, i got my new G5 in yesterday, and overall im not off to a good start. Here's my problem:

I called apple a few months back to ask if the dvi to adc converter would work with the 17'' apple studio flat crt (has an adc connection). But of course, it did not work. Turns out it only works with the flat panels, because the crt's with adc require too much power for the converter.

So right now i have two of the these adc crt's hooked up but can only get one to work. Does anybody know any other way for me to get these to work? Are there any video cards with an ADC port that i could add to my G5 as a second video card? That seems to be the only solution i can come up with, but i just cant find an answer.

If anybody can come up with any sort of solution for this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

G5, Dual 1.8, 1.5GB Ram, OSX 10.3.2
Feb 11, 2004
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Orlando, Florida
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1.6 ghz G5, Dual Monitors / 17" PowerBook 1.33 / 12" iBook
Could you use the DVI to VGA connector? If the 17" doesn't have a VGA input, then convert from DVI to VGA, then VGA to ADC?

Does the monitor have it's own power sourde or is it trying to pull it from the display bus? If it doesn't have it's own, you may be out of luck.


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