g4 tower hard drive



first of all, merry christmas to everyone! i hope everyone has a great holiday :D
now on to my question...i'm looking to put a second hard drive in my mirrored drive door power mac g4. i know that it can hold up to 4 hard drives, but i can't seem to find anywhere a recommendation on what exactly i should get. from what i understand, it has an ATA100 and an ATA66 bus, but would performance be better if i put the second drive on the ATA100 bus along with the original drive, or if i put it on the ATA66 bus. i know that the ATA100 bus is obviously goin to be faster, but would the system be bogged down if it had 2 drives on that 1 bus?

another option i heard about would be to get a pci ATA133 card and put a drive on that, but i haven't even looked at what prices would be for somethin like that. or would it even be better to get a FW800 card and get an external drive? sorry for all the questions, and on christmas, too :)

i'd really appreciate anyone's input; i realize now that i haven't done much research...i guess that'll go on my to do list. thanks in advance for your help, and thanks for even reading this mother-of-a-post. and again, i hope everyone has a great holiday!!


Use the ATA100 interface, forget the 66. If you're looking for more speed, then you should look into the ATA133 controler PCI cards. Sonnet has a really good one on thier site. And, if you're intending to put in drives larger then 120 (or 180 GB, not sure), you'll need the ATA133 card because the 100 & 66 controlers can't handle these sizes.
Hope that helps.

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