G4 sound issues

Mar 28, 2007
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Hello there, 'pologies for the vagueness of this, but I suspect I'm having sound problems with my iBook G4 but am not very clever. Some of my music in iTunes sounds very warbly, in a tinny electronic sort of way, like a really reeeaaaally low-quality mp3, but some of it doesn't. At first this was just when listening to the radio, so I thought it was a streaming issue, but 'pakt like sardines in a crushed tin box' is now doing the same, as well as others. Oh no. The problem seems to get worse through headphones. I wonder if this coincides with the install (and subsequent uninstall ) of audacity? I don't know. I was hard-put to define what was wrong, like a new hair-cut, but noticed in the game Halo, that in the sound options where once I swear it said 'hardware acceleration', it now it tells me I have none. Any pointers? It'd be lovely if you did. Thanks!


Welcome to Mac-Forums, JohnnyViola.

This subject has already been covered in a few threads already. Here's one of them.

Edited to add:

Sorry, this workaround is for a sound that has gone MIA, not for speakers sounding weird. Look in your System Preferences, the Sound pane and see what is there. You could always also look up the MIDI SetUp, I think it's called (sorry I'm at school right now on a Panther machine with a stripped down install of the OS so can't check this out at the moment) but there is a setting that is ideal. Anyway this should be residing in the Utilities folder which is nested in the Applications folder. I believe the right setting for the MIDI thingy is 44,xxx something. Maybe someone with a full OS can check this out for you.

If this doesn't work maybe try uninstalling Audacity.

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