G4 Cube Server?



Hey all. I want to set up a Home Network with the following components:

450Mhz G4 Cube as Server - Networked with Airport, the Cube will be providing ADSL access to about 3 other machines as well as streaming video/audio. It will also be a light usage web server.

ElGato EyeHome - Using an MSI Access Point to talk to the Cube, I'm hoping to use this to complete the "digital hub".

A few questions:

1) Will the Cube be able to do all this effectively? A typical scenario would be:
Someone browsing my web site hosted on my cube while my roommate is downloading a file from the net and streaming music from the cube on her laptop. I'm watching a movie (Xvid) on the Eyehome (Also streamed from the cube) at the same time.

Is this too much for the cube to handle?

2) According to my calculations;
2000kbps + 1500kbps + 320kbps will be going through the Airport network at peak usage. Apparently, 802.11b can only handle 11Mbps (Only 5Mbps is usable). Am I correct in saying that there is enough bandwidth to go around?



1.) Don't know about the ElGato EyeHome...
but I believe it should handle everything else.

2.) For a server, I'd hard-wire it... donno about 802.11b limitations.


it probably won't stream high-quality video very well over the airport, but that would be fine for a webserver and audio streaming.


Elgato support said this:

"EyeHome should work fine on your Cube, it's close enough.

The EyeHome serving process doesn't use more than a few CPU percentage points per video stream, so things should be fine. Be aware that EyeHome needs Personal Web Sharing to be turned on.

802.11b is fine for MPEG-1 video or perhaps XviD, it's the high bitrate MPEG-2 that won't work."

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