G4 533 digital audio shutdown problems



Just bought a used G4 533 from my college, i knew that it has problems, and was hoping that i might be able to fix them, The two main problems are that the machine will not shut down, and that it goes into deep sleep and won't wake up, i am pretty sure that the shutting down problem is isolated to either the power supply or the mother board, It more than anything wont powerdown, it goes throught the shut down mode and then when it should turn off you hear the start up chime again, the only way to turn it off is to unplug it. the deep sleep problem could be attributed to 10.3 which i just installed, i am hoping that the updates will fix this issue. It sure is a big speed boost from my beige G3. I don't care as much about shutting down as i never turn it off anyway, but the sleep think is going to be annoying. Anyway if you have any help at all give me a line.

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