G3 Startup Problems



Hi All,

I am building up G3 Yosemite B&W (rev 1 motherboard), and am unable to get it to properly boot to date.

Checking out the system I've verified the following :

-LED's DS7 and DS8 are both working and lit up.
-No sound/chime/video on post/bootup at all.
-Reset the CUDA
-Reset the logicboard (removed battery for 10 mins, with power switch toggled on and system unplugged)
-Battery checked out at 3.6V ok.
-350MHz CPU installed, and using proper jumpers with jumper settings for 350MHz CPU.
- Ram installed/not installed, tested for Post beep errors. None given.

I did note the following :

After about 45 seconds after power-on, the Crystal chip on the logic board got quite warm. Hopefully this will not mean that it is a dead logic board.

Any and all suggestions, opinions, and help would really be appreciated!


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