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FS: 800mhz G4 iBook



Selling an 800mhz G4 iBook. It's the same G4 iBook before the recent update- 256ram, 30gb HDD etc. Almost a month old now. Mint condition, I don't see any noticeable scratches, took it on the road a couple of times and most of the time it sits on my desk. No dead pixels whatsoever.

Why am I selling it? The iBook isn't really for me. Originally, I liked the idea of having a 12' portable to take along and that feel of uniqueness compared to the black and silver fleet of PC laptops.

I even took OS X for a spin and found it quite to my liking, but after playing around with it for some time now, I miss windows.

Windows is probably a cursed word here, but it has always came through in the 8 years I have used it. I only wanted to give OS X a try and liked it at first but now I don't. The only positive thing I liked about it was Expose.

Sure, OS X has all the visual effects you could ever ask for, but I have been running windows with all the simple options, and it worked fine for me. I guess I'm just a monotonous freak who loves monotonous operating systems.

On the fact that Macs are more stable than PCs, it is true but, my aged celeron desktop armed with ZoneAlarm and Norton anti virus has continued to stay stable. I only did two reformats, the first one was so I could have another 60 days in my Paint Shop Pro trial :D and the second one was because my CD-Rom tray kept on opening and closing (it turned out that it was a fried circuit, not an unstoppable trojan).

Besides, I love to toy around with problems concerning windows. Most of the problems I've encountered were very minor, requiring a simple restart etc. BTW, repairing permissions seems to be a fortnightly required thing. I've never defrag or run a full scandisk on my celeron for years.

The iBook is a true attention getter. Everyone adores the light up apple logo and the coolness of expose. But, for me, it's getting old. I don't know why, but it just is. I have that deep feeling of regret that I bought it, now I feel that I should have just got that boring looking Compaq/HP/Dell/Emachine/Generic "wintel".

Enough said, here are the details.

Stock G4 800mhz iBook + CDs, manuals, adapter etc. Will be reformatted.

Extras I'll throw in since I won't need them;
Mac OS X Killer Tips (book, used it to kinda get a jump start on the OS X learning process)
Probably my free copy of Macworld (if I can find it)

> I hate figuring out a price but I know many people don't like offering prices. But I'll be happy if it's around the $750-$800 dollar offer.

> I prefer a fat pair of money orders. But paypal is fine (I just have to reactivate it etc. as I'm not the eBayer I used to be. Besides, it's not even my account- dad's)

> FedEx Ground I guess with insurance (I'll be putting $1099). Maybe Fedex Priority works for a large box. BTW, it will be shipped with the original box put in a boring brown box. However, other shipping methods are welcomed. I have no idea how much shipping will cost (estimating at least $30-40)

Email: [email protected]
AIM: thermonukie
MSN: [email protected]
YAHOO: repulsarlift
Phone: I'll probably be using this to contact the buyer. I think it's risky to put my phone number on the internet.

> Too lazy at the moment to take pictures. But if you want, then I will.

I hope I can have a smooth exit from the apple world. It's no use trying to keep me in. I prefer my XP with the regular grey colors. Maybe I'll return in the future maybe not. All I can say is that the first time I used Photoshop, it was on the first generation iMacs in an art seminar thing a long time ago. As I'm pursuing a career in that field, I may go back to Macs.


Not a bad deal, but it may be a tough sell; You can snag a refurb iBook G4 1GHz for $799 from Apple.. Most cats would probably prefer to pay the premium to have a *new* machine.

That being said, good luck with it.. I understand your perdiciment. I'm a Windows 2000 Network Admin, but a Unix kid at heart, which is why I went Apple.

After fixing broken HPs and Dells all day at work, it's nice to come home to a computer that just *works* :)
May 3, 2005
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St. Louis, MO
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Not to be sarcastic or anything, but you should check next time when replying to posts. d00kie originally started this message over a year ago. I'm pretty sure it's a deal that's been long done with.


dstopsky said:
Not to be sarcastic or anything, but you should check next time when replying to posts. d00kie originally started this message over a year ago. I'm pretty sure it's a deal that's been long done with.

Huh? I guess I missed that :) My only wonder is, why was that something I saw.. I never read past the first page of Posts... Sorry about that my mans. :spook:

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