Free Mac ISP's



My wife and I have just bought our first house, but we need to save money before the closing date. SO - I just got rid of my cable internet and digital cable which cut my bill down to about $40 a month from $120!!

However, lack of internet is now killing me. All I have is my connection at work. If I am at home I have nothing!

Are there any free Mac ISP's left?


I am in the same situation as you...sorta. I just moved from Buffalo, NY to Hollywood, CA and am trying to save as much cash as possible right now. I signed up with earthlink because I found a coupon my a post office for 60 days for $1. All you need is the promo code, which is: 1017348 Just tell them that code when you call them to sign up. The best part is there is no contract, so you could cancel after the 60 days if you want. Also, I picked up the earthlink cd from a local staples. Good luck.

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