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Jun 11, 2006
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Eastbourne, England
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MacBook 2GHz, 512M RAM, 60GB HDD
Hi guys,

Had my lovely MacBook for almost one year now and its got a bit cluttered with general junk, so i've backed up my most important files (20GB music and 2GB photos) and want to reformat it.

Being a uni student i'm often between homes as it were, and i've left my original restore/install DVD back home. I've got the latest JaS 10.4.8 disc off a friend but am not sure if i can use it to reinstall OS X :)

I've tried installing Boot Camp so i can test out Windows XP (allows me to run the PKR software for my late night poker seshs!) but when i go to format my HDD it won't let me, so a complete re-install seems to be my best options :)

Can anyone help me out? Booting to the JaS DVD doesn't seem to work :(

Thanks in advance,


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