Forbes: 'Gadgets We Love'

Jun 11, 2003
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Forbes: 'Gadgets We Love'
November 3, 2003 - 07:23 EST Forbes has published an article about our love of gadgets and picks out nine of the best ones. First on the list is Apple's iPod. "The iPod is a handy little thing, letting you travel with a prodigious collection of music without having to endure the disarray of a stack of CDs," writes Dennis Kneale. "But utility isn't the point; the real point is to ascend into Apple's elegant world. Like drivers of vintage Corvettes who stop at the same traffic light and give each other a smug thumbs-up, iPod users on the New York subway eye one another approvingly, spotting the distinctive white and tangle-prone earphones that mark another member of the club. Our faces share the same beatific look, as we get lost in sound, gleefully embracing technology that actually delivers."

My Comments: Yeah I really like my iPod :) but I do not like the iPod earphones.. so I use my own.

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