.firewire pcmcia card.



.what is the best firewire pcmcia card i can buy.i was told by some extremely moronic apple support guy at compusa that an adaptec fireconnect was the best out there but he was probally just saying that.help!!!!


What do you need a Firewire PCMCIA for? the model of PB you have should already have Firewire on it - if you need more ports, Firewire hubs are much easier to run. (i.e. they don't need drivers)

If you really do need one, the Apple guy's advice is probably good advice - you need to make sure that it comes with Mac drivers, and if that doesn't, Apple will probably exchange for one that does because their salesperson recommended it. I bought a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card (my PB only had USB 1.1), and it did not have Mac drivers.... and I'm SOL.

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