Firewire HD won't mount after airport setup



I am having a frustrating problem after installing the Airport Express software on my Power Mac G4 Cube. All of my MP3 files are on a Maxtor external firewire hard drive. I had set my preferences in iTunes to save all new MP3 files imported into the library to that hard drive. After I installed the Airport Express software last night and set up the device, my system will no longer recognize the hard drive. Even the disk utility program does not recognize the hard drive or allow it be mounted. The preferences in iTunes have reverted to the default folder location on my internal hard drive. When I attempt to play a song in iTunes, I get a dialogue box stating that the file cannot be located.

Has anyone else experienced such a problem? How can I get my system to recognize the hard drive again? (Fortunately I have my entire music library on my PowerBook as well, so at least I won't be losing data, and the Airport Express (AirTunes in particular) works great with the PowerBook.) Any help on this issue would be most welcome.


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