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Jun 2, 2010
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I have an iphone 4 and had set up my find my iphone on my phone and it worked perfectly. recently however i had changed the password of my apple id and didn't realise that one needs to do the same on the iphone (Settings->Mails, Contacts, Calendar->Accounts, etc).

I only found out my find my iphone was not working when upon trying to locate my recently lost phone i was prompted with the message "Location Not Available".

Turns out after reading a few forums that this was because my password as set up on my phone was different to the one that i had recently changed to on

The simple fix for me now (since i very well cant reach in to my missing phone and update the password) would be to revert my apple id password from back to the original (the same as the one as set up on my phone). Doing which will almost certainly allow me to locate my phone.

However i faced another problem in doing so. Turns out when i tried reverting my password back to my original the message that pops up on is "New password must not have been used in the past year".

Is there a way around this? Cause as it stands, if there is i find my lost iphone and if there isn't i don't think im ever buying another apple phone if such a simple technicality sets me back AUD$1000!


Ps i have already been to my nearest apple store but found no help from them due to "policies and technicalities" that don't allow them to allow users to revert back to previously used passwords within a year of changing passwords"

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