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FCP4 or Premiere



I want to buy a computer for editing.
I have used FCP4 and Premiere a few times each so don't mind which one to use!!

So the question is: do I need to shell out £3000 for a G5
or £1500 for a PC

Any advice? thanks! :)


Final Cut Pro 4 is much better than Adobe Premiere 6.5 or Pro stand alone video editing!
However, Adobe Video Collection with Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects offers a few little things to the "Special Effects" arena.
I use Photoshop 7 and After Effects 5.5, but prefer to then import them into Final Cut Pro 4 for editing. If you are really into video editing, then you must get a Dual Processor system. Final Cut Pro 4 is good enough to venture into the world of Macintosh. A quality PC on par with the G5 for video editing isn't going to be cheap, so don't act like the cheaper is just as good. Shell out the money!

The Dragon

A bentley is not an mitsubishi but they are both cars.
But i know wich one i would chose............


If you're looking to do professional video editing, i would say go to FCP4, premiere is good for only doing edits, much like imovie. If yer doing simple editing and that's all you'll delve into then it's a no brainer.

B/c I'm doing professional quality video, and its my trade, I went to a mac, and final cut pro 4.

Just cuz you have a pc doesn't mean yer limited to just premiere, but anything more advanced like avid express DV or vegas video will get up in price more.

Again it just all depends what yer doing this for.


FCP4 was the main reason i got a Mac. I've used Avid, Premier, and would take FCP1.5 over either of them. FCP just gives you a great deal of control and is incredibly easy yet powerful. If you move towards Avid, be prepared to spend about the same amount on a PC as you would on a G5 Dually. It devours resources.

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