FAT32 External Hard Drive to work on Mac? Help



I have a 120GB (111GB, really) external hard drive (USB) that I've had attached to my Windows machine for along time now. I recently bought a Mac and I was hoping to use the external drive with it but when I plugged it in, I was told that there were no volumes that it could read. Windows tells me that it's formatted as FAT32 which I thought OS X could read. Can it not?

I understand there are cross platform drives out there now and I was hoping that I wouldn't have to buy a whole new drive and copy all of the stuff on the one I have now to the new one. Is there any way I can get the one that I have now to work with my Mac? Thanks a lot in advance!


Well, I think you should take the drive to the Apple Store, and see if your drive works with theirs (Ask permission first of course). What ever the turn out, talk to the Apple Genius' to see what they can do.

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