Facetime with iMac, iPhone, & iPod

Sep 20, 2011
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Steve Job Land
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27" iMac 9.99GHz Intel Core i7 256GB RAM 10TB HDD
Hi, I'm wondering how I can Facetime with all three of my iDevices. (Not at the same time of course)

Here's my setup: Main iMac - emailaddress#[email protected]
iPhone - emailaddress#[email protected]/(555)225-0011
iPod - emailaddress#[email protected]

As you can see, my iMac and iPhone share the same address when using Facetime. So when iPod makes a Facetime call, it rings at both the iMac and iPhone, which is fine by me because I spend my time 50/50 on each. (The iPod belongs to my younger sister) But I also would like to call my iMac from my iPhone because when I'm not there, my GF is and it's pretty cool to just use Facetime to keep in touch. Is there anyway to make this happen? Or do I have to somehow change the email address on my iMac? I just thought that it was cool how when someone Facetime/d me, it would ring on my iPhone AND iMac so wherever I'm at, I can't miss a Facetime moment. But apparently I can't Facetime my iMac if I'm calling from my iPhone because they share the same email address... And I hate having different address associated with devices I personally own... Any suggestions?

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