Extracting data from PS3 HDD to iMac

Oct 17, 2011
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Hi guys, I'm after some help on getting all my data from my PS3 into my iMac so the data can be transferred. My original 60Gb PS3 (with 320Gb Hdd upgrade) decided to die on me a few months ago. My friend very kindly donated his 60Gb PS3 he no longer used. On inserting my 320Gb hdd to the new PS3 it obviously wants to format it, however if I format it I'll lose all data on there which I don't want to do if I can avoid it.

As my PS3 that the hdd works with won't stay on for longer than 2 minutes because of over heating issues I can't back it up from PS3 to PS3 so with the hdd in my new PS3 I was wondering if I could extract the data from it via a USB cable to my iMac? If this can be done how can I do it? bearing in mind I cannot excess the PS3's menus at this point.

Hopefully you can help me, only had my mac a month so still getting to grips with it! Thanks

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