External Drive issue

Apr 12, 2010
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I'm in video production, so naturally I'm a Mac guy. I do my editing with Final Cut on my MacBook and use external drives to store everything. I had a LaCie 500 GB drive for a few years and it decided to crap out, so I got Geek Squad to recover it and transfer it to a new Western Digital 1.5 TB drive.

Since getting the new drive, it seems that it acts very bogged down and slow, sometimes taking a very long time to access the information and it seems the disc speed will come and go. It took me almost 4 hours to transfer 8 GB of data from some Panasonic P2 cards to this drive via FireWire 400, so I know something is wrong.

Could it be that since Geek Squad is primarily PC based, they formatted the drive for PC and that's causing some issue? I'm just guessing here, because this drive hasn't worked well since I got it, and I've had good experiences with WD drives before. Is there some compatibility issue here and I should transfer the material temporarily and format this drive for Mac and see if that helps? Or is it just a bum drive?

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