Exporting iPhoto slideshow to iDVD

Mar 20, 2010
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Texas Corners, MI
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15 MacBook Pro 4.0GB 2.4 Ghz 250GB HD
First off, let me apologize up front for my ignorance in many Mac areas. I've been a longtime Windows user but I have fallen in love with my iBook since I bought it from ebay just so I can add more sophistication to my home slideshows. The iBook came with iLife '09 and I've been able to navigate it pretty well.

My question involves the fact that iPhoto slideshows take a long time to export to iDVD. Is there a way to use an imported iPhoto slideshow for iDVD projects outside of the first one that it was originally imported for? So far it seems that I have to re-export the same iPhoto to iDVD anytime I want to use that slide show for a new iDVD project.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

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