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DVD Studio Pro - Plextor - Toast Problems



I'm having one heck of a time burning DVD's with the following:

G4 dual 800Mhz processor
512 MB Ram
Internal Burner (gives error or kills DVD's)
Plextor firewire burner (not found by DVD SP 3)
DVD Studio Pro 3
Toast Lite

Here's the problem(s) I encounter:

If I use IDVD or DVD Studio Pro and the internal DVD burner that came with the G4 originally, 99% of the time I get a "Recording device reported the media error L-EC. Uncorrectable error (0x11, 0x05). This stops the entire process and the DVD is ruined. 1% of the time the burn process goes all the way through but the DVD is not readable in any other DVD drive. I've googled for that error but have not found anything definate. I have 100 of these blank DVD's and have used them without a problem on other systems. Can anyone tell me what this error means exactly?

I have a brand new firewire Plextor double burning drive. It burns both CD's and DVD's. I can burn CD's with no problem. DVD Studio Pro 3 will not list the plextor drive in the destination drop down box. Anyone seen this problem before?

If I use the version of Toast Lite which came with the plextor, I can burn DVD's but they're only readable in PC's. Mac's and tv top DVD players won't even recognize them. Any idea why this is?

Would purchasing the full version of TOAST remedy my problems? Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?



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Couple of questions.

What brand of DVDs are you using?
What format of DVDs are you using (i.e. DVD-R, DVD+R)?

I know there is a hack to get iDVD to work with an external drive. I forget what it is right now. But if you search this board, you should find it.

Toast does burn DVDs also. I have burned a few, but I like iDVD better. I normally use DVD-R form my videos, but I was told on this board that DVD+R are okay also.

I have not tried the DVD+Rs on home DVD player yet, I know the DVD-Rs do work.

As for DVD brands, I have only used Fujii, Imation, Verbatim and Apple. I have not tried any of the cheap house brands.

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