Duplicate file overload! Any suggestions?

Nov 22, 2008
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This may not be the right forum to ask this, but not sure where else it fits -feel free to suggest another category if so. That said....

I have a studio computer which i need to go through and both consolidate/eliminate scores of duplicate Audio files that have accumulated
in multiple folders on an OS 9 platform. There are many apps that are OSX
based but this stuff is all in 9. There are literally tens of thousands of
files that need to be more or less accounted for -and compared.. Most dupes were backups to a 2nd internal HD on my MDD G4 - which in turn were backed up on a Firewire drive.

We want to just organize everything and wind up with just one backup of every original file that is to be kept. (others will simply be deleted).

They are spread across a huge number of "To Be Organized" folders over the course of ten years time.

Before embarking on the tedious task of simply using Sherlock command and individually opening/comparing multiple folder contents...what app would be best suited and easiest -for this on OS 9. OTOH, is there a better/current OSX duplicate-file-finder/organizer app, with which I could put the OS9 machine in FW Target Disk mode and access from my G5?

Information-overloaded and welcome any suggestions.


Mike in Mich

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