Duel external display resolution

Mar 11, 2010
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ok, 1st post as I've owned my 1st Mac for a good 24hrs now :) Been a 10 year linux guy, so a lot of the under the hood stuff is similar, but here's the question. I have a macbook pro 13' with the external DVI connector. I've read somewhere you can go as high as 3900x something as the resolution, I am hooked up to (2) 24' Dell monitors through a matrox duel head to go adapter. In linux there was no issue with resolution, so surely it's an X setting or something.

Right now it goes from the adapter -> matrox -> 2 monitors. They are working, but the display only goes as high as 2400x600 so naturally everything is HUGE! The other thing is the laptop screen is still lit/active. I would like to know the following 2 things;

1. change the resolution to 3840x1024
2. when at work plugged in, only use the 2 monitors, have the laptop display and keyboard not lit/active as I am connected via USB to mouse/keyboard.

Thanks all and looking forward to more questions :)

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